Sevillanas Courses 2024 TBA

Flamenco Studio Sevillanas Course 2024


What are Sevillanas?

Sevillanas .....considered the best-known folkloric dance of Spain, the Sevillanas is made up of four short dances to set music, generally danced with another person. It is one of the few Spanish dances that have a set length and choreography, which means you can dance it with anyone, anywhere! Sevillanas has been embraced by Flamencos and have had a revival since the 1960's. They are especially celebrated at the various Ferias around Andalucia following Semana Santa, the most famous being the Feria de Sevilla.

Many people from Seville can sing a Sevillana, (there must be thousands of different ones!) and each year around Feria time as you wander through the shops, especially in Sevilla, you'll hear the latest Sevillana releases (the chart toppers for that year). They range from over the top but fun (synthesizer, orchestras, castanets) to stunning flamenco solo guitar interpretations. Away from Feria it's danced anywhere there's a party, you don't even need music!

Sevillanas is danced within flamenco under many interpretations - as a couple, in groups, with mantons, with fans, with or without castanets, fast, slow, and in various musical styles - it's been interpreted in pretty much every way, but it generally stays to the tradition of the form.

This video truly shows the colour and fun of the Feria de Abril in Seville where Sevillanas are danced 24/7 for a week!              


Course info                                                 

The course will incorporate 5 x 2hr classes.  We will focus on one of the four dances in each class, revising each as we go, and focusing on all four in the final session! The course is most suitable for students with some flamenco dance experience or dance background.  However, if you have less experience and you're keen to try, please contact me!                     


ARCANA Moon Room studio, 46 Evesham St, Moorooka (airconditioned studio)


Monday nights 6.30 - 8.30pm, 16 October - 13 November  


Full course (10hrs) $200

Per session (2hrs)  $40   

Enrolments:  To enroll direct deposit to National Australia Bank account name Simone Pope, BSB 084447, Acct no. 691911478 (please be sure to include the name of the payee). Please accompany direct deposits with an email to confirm your payment, thank you!    

What to wear?  You can wear your flamenco shoes, but they are not necessary. Any closed toe shoes that allow you to swivel are fine. We will use a skirt for a very small part, but it isn't necessary. Male students should wear a comfortable shoe or boot that allow you to swivel also, with comfortable pants and t-shirt or shirt.