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Simone's discovery of Flamenco music and dance began in 1990. Training with some of the best flamenco dancers in Australia, Simone's passion and hunger to know more about flamenco took her to Spain for the first time in 1998. It was a trip to be repeated many times over. Since then, Simone has been returning regularly to Spain, devoting her life and career to the art of Flamenco.

Guided by some of Spain's finest dancers, including Belén Fernandez, Pilar Ogalla, Mercedes Ruiz, Andres Peña, La Truco, Maria Juncal, Isabel Bayon, La China, La Tati, Ciro, Manuel Reyes, Concha Jareño, Susana Casas, Ursula Lopez, Alicia Marquez, Mañuel Betanzos and Carmen Amaya, Simone has become an established and accomplished flamenco dance artist both in Brisbane and throughout Australia. She returns to Spain regularlyr to immerse herself in the latest technical and artistic directions of Flamenco.

Performance highlights include Furia Flamenco with Antonio Vargas, and Flamenco Fire which has enjoyed sell-out seasons at the QLD´s QPAC Concert Hall, Playhouse Theatre and Cremorne Theatre, along with the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre and The Judith Wright Centre of Performing Arts - performing with a hand-picked group of some of Australia and Spain's best flamenco artists - Fernando Mira, Keiren Ray,  Tomas Arroquero, Damian Wright, Sebastian Sanchez, Olayo Jimenez (Spain), Francesca Grima (Spain), Andrej Vujicic (Spain), and Eva Pinero Mesa (Spain).

Flamenco Fire´s latest production Veinte Años was a collaboration with Brisbane´s Camarata - Queensland's Chamber Orchestra.

The Flamenco Studio has been committed to providing the best Flamenco education that Brisbane has to offer since 2000. Our experienced and talented director Simone Pope works with each and every student, from Flamenco enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, developing their skills while fostering their passion for movement and expression within the flamenco artform.

As Flamenco is not only a dance artform, Simone's passion is to help students understand how all of the elements of flamenco - guitar, cante (song) and compás (rhythm) - work together with the dance.

Moranbah landscape
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